The Buying Process

  1. We will customize a search to fit your criteria including price range, size of home, neighbourhood, and proximity to what is important to you. 
  2. You will never be sent to an Open House by yourself, instead we will arrange a private tour of the homes and areas that interest you. (If you want to go to Open Houses that's still OK though).
  3. When you have found your dream home we will perform a comprehensive market analysis of the property to determine its market value and from there make an offer you feel comfortable with. After the offer is made we will negotiate on your behalf the price, dates, subjects and terms.
  4. Upon acceptance of our offer, together, we will analyze all pertinent documents including financial statements and strata minutes. We will then arrange a house inspection with a certified, reputable home inspector who has experience in the neighbourhood you have chosen.
  5.  Before we remove subjects we will ensure that every concern is satisfied and every question answered and that you are 100% comfortable and confident in your decision.
  6. As the closing date approaches we will follow up with the cooperating Realtor to ensure there are no surprises and from there meet you at the door of your new home.

It is our goal to make the Buying process as enjoyable and exciting as possible. Never hesitate to ask a question and never feel obligated to make a decision you aren't comfortable with.

For a Completion Costs Guide click here